Scales and a teacup

Here’s the progress on my little Chinese dragon. I cleaned up his fringe, his spines and his hairdo (what are those things on Chinese dragons, anyway? Half the time they’re antlers, on traditional art). He’s starting to look a bit scaly. Also his teacup has been giving me grief. So has the saucer, which currently resembles a flower-studded pancake with a crater in the middle.

Remind me not to start doing still lifes.

The rest of the picture is looking up, too. But my son pointed out that Sonic and the dragon don’t have a table. So I’m thinking of drawing in a table with a teapot and possibly some scones. What do they eat in place of scones in China?


4 thoughts on “Scales and a teacup

  1. Dumplings!

    But…erm…whatever is easiest for you to draw, if you’re going to add it in. Or they could be playing cards or something, if the table appears. Or there could just be more decorations on the table, like the traditional red envelopes. But of course the picture looks awesome as is and just the drinking tea seems appropriate since I understand that it is going to be the Water Dragon this year.

    As for what the fringe on a dragon is called… If there is a proper technical name, I don’t have any idea what that name is. I just think of that feature as being the dragons mane, usually. It is spikes for some people and hair for others and can include antlers and other stuff as well… Everyone seems to draw the creatures a bit differently, which is perhaps half the fun. =D

    Love the increasing textures and the lighting on this, as it develops….

    Oh and of course, *ahem* GONG XI FA CAI!!!! *insert fireworks here* (Health, Happiness and Prosperity to you!)


  2. Life is full of flavors and dragons are full of life, ha! =D Except for the various undead varities of dragon, of course. =F

    Uhm. I had thought of suggesting that instead of a table it might be cute and charming to have Cream holding the tea kettle and smiling and serving the tea… But actually the rabbit year that is departing from us is the Metal Rabbit and so…erm…yea… Not quite a fit, perhaps. Although then again… Cream could have some serious metal under that polite exterior, she is pretty tough for a seven year old. Hrm.


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