Detail work

I worked on my Chinese dragon pic a little more. Sonic’s looking decent now, but small people awoke from naps before I could tackle his hand and teacup.

Here’s what the whole pic looks like with the sketch layer turned off. It’s why the dragon has no eyes at the moment.

I’m pleased with the warm light/cool background interplay, but I think I need to punch up the foreground warmth even more. Also that highlight on Sonic’s top spike is giving me grief. I think it needs more transition from yellow to blue.


2 thoughts on “Detail work

  1. Wah….

    I *want* a floating pumpkin-looking lantern now…. The lack of a string on these in the picture makes two of them look as if they might be connected to the dragons tail, which is a mildly fun idea. Hrm. Maybe Sonic and the dragon are seen here taking a break from putting the decorations up? You capture the overall mood so well, its easy for a story to develop from there.


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