Painting resolution

I received James Gurney’s Color and Light book for Christmas. It’s WONDERFUL.

I had to sit down and scribble this out, just to try some of the color and light techniques.

Painting this was the artist’s version of eating fudge. Visual fudge that you smear with your brush. And it tastes delicious to your eyes. Also I was eating fudge at the time.

I’ve also decided to resolve to paint one complete painting per month in 2012. My art production last year was pretty abysmal, especially toward the end of the year. I’m also going to try painting things that challenge me. Like, painting a Sonic picture, like above, but leaving it a bit rough and using color techniques from the book. I rely too heavily on the Smear and Blend tools.

6 thoughts on “Painting resolution

  1. wah…dramatic lighting…interesting ecpression… you are SO GOOD at this Net-san. *sighs* Just really LOOKING at some of these is like eating fudge.

    Hope that you’re able to keep your resolution. Art seems to bring you a lot of joy.

    Also, look forward to being able to one day ask for a commission. Or an art-trade. Though given the skill difference, it would only be fair to offer about 20 of my sketches for one of your works…


  2. Dora: Sure, we could do something simple, I suppose. I need to get back into taking commissions, and this would be a good way to warm up my art-for-other-people muscle.


  3. *nods* Agreed. The art will be good practice for me as well. All right then. Uhm. I assume that since I put my email in on this form, you ought to be able to find and use that. So… When you decide what 20 things you want sketches of, let me know. I’ll do my best. You don’t have to decide all at once but you can if you want, Net-san. Please send me a list of at least five, though. That way I can try to get started. *grins* I’m anxious to see your art mastery at work but I don’t feel that I should be mentioning what I’d like to see you draw until after I’ve made the trade payment for it.

    Also, just to be up front, I should mention that I will be traveling during the first two weeks of next month. Family reasons. I can and will be happy to take the sketches with me to work on but I might not have access to a scanner until I’m home again. That’s all.


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