Urban concept art

Just some concept art tonight. It just goes to show, my thought life has nothing to do with holidays.

Everybody else: Holidays! Christmas! Presents!

Me: How can I wreck a city in really far-out ways?

4 thoughts on “Urban concept art

  1. Hey! That is not true at all! And I resent automatically being classed as ‘everyone else’! =F 😉

    Honestly, the shops almost put the holiday decorations up in summer anymore. So by the time the actual holidays arrive we’re fairly sick to death of them and more than a few of us weren’t ever really hooked in the first place. So no, it’s not on everyones mind after all. Life goes on.

    Anyway. What happened to your sketchy city? Did you find enough interesting ways to wreck it? Need any extra suggestions? =D


    1. I have all kinds of interesting ways to wreck it. I’m always open to suggestions, though! My ideas range from active volcanoes to that hilarious stampede from Jumanji. 🙂


  2. Indeed, there is no shortage of ways to wreck a city. But I must point out: that dark crack in the road that you have in the foreground? Very Scrat-ish. (Scrat=the name of that lil saber-toothed squirrel from the Ice Age movies who is always causing massive changes by accident while chasing an acorn.) That’s what it brought to mind. Made me laugh, too. I just image an acorn half-embedded into the asphalt somewhere near the starting point of that crack…

    Yay, cartoon logic. =P


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