More Sonic sketchy

Just a bit more dinking around with my Stardust Speedway chase pic tonight.

A little more tension, with Sonic stopping to wipe blood out of his eyes as Tails yells, “Sonic, here he comes!”

Yes, because Sonic CD would have been awesomer with Tails. Face it, Amy’s hardly in it, and when she is, she’s a nuisance.


2 thoughts on “More Sonic sketchy

  1. Hrm. In the first sketch, the characters in the chase were kinda close together… In this sketch… I can see that increasing the distance between Mecha and Sonic seems to really add to the dramatic tone but I’m just not sure why. =P

    Also, Tails rocks. Unless you have to try and beat him at table tennis. Argh.


    1. Adding Tails to Sonic CD as the cheering squad just makes the scene more dramatic. I do like this, I think I’ll finish it sometime.


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