I have an addiction

Sega had a contest last month. It was just “draw some fanart of Sonic CD that may or may not include Metal Sonic.”

My hubby urged me to enter, but I expected the competition to be something fierce. I mean, there’s some serious heavyweights in the Sonic art community. I expected anything I’d cobble together to get curbstomped by something like this.


Or this.


Instead, we got entries winners like this.

Sonic CD Fan Art Contest Winner - North America

Or this.

Sonic CD Fan Art Contest Winner - North America

So much of it looked like traced clipart. (You can look at the other entries here and see if I’m exaggerating.) I mean, there’s a few outstanding pieces in there. But, gee, I was disappointed. I should have submitted something.

So I scribbled out a rough idea of what I might have entered.

Kind of boring composition, but I like Sonic’s and Mecha’s poses. Make Sonic look like he’s running for his life, and Mecha look like he’ll disembowel Sonic if he catches him. (Seriously, as many times as I died on that dang level …)

As I drew this, I realized that I’m still badly addicted to Sonic the Hedgehog. I love these characters. I love their worlds and their stories. As I was looking through the entries to the contest, I was remembering the time travel and all of my made-up lore about the Time Stones. It got me thinking of my fanfic adapt of that game and how Mecha messed Sonic up pretty bad by the end of the race. (Gee, now there’s an editing exercise … cleaning up one of THOSE old monstrosities.)

You know when J.K. Rowling wrote that little 800 word story with James and Sirius getting chased by the cops, and she said that writing it was like a drunk going back to drink? I’m the same way with the Sonic world.


3 thoughts on “I have an addiction

  1. Yeah, well we all have our “true loves,” that formed us when we were young. As I found out when I got Blaze, I thought I would be able to ride and return to that young girl I once was but after I got him I found that having a family and a home and everything made trying to return and go back to very hard.
    We always have to keep moving forward and letting the past stay in the past.
    Your sketch looks great by the way.


  2. *looks at the contest entries*
    *looks at the arts featured in this blog that were not in the contest*

    Uhm. Wow. That’s… A noticable difference. Still. Have to appreciate the amount of time and effort that went into some of the contest winners. They’re not all just bright colors and weird camera angles, some of them also have mind-boggling amounts of detail. (http://www.flickr.com/photos/segaamerica/6507967359/in/set-72157627931319026) Still. Yea. Maybe you shoulda entered, Net-san. Heck, maybe I shoulda. =P

    Hey, there’s no shame in holding onto the things that matter to us. The characters that we learn and grow with, of course there is a lasting impression. We think we shape them and so often its a case of vice versa. For writers… Characters are the tools we use to discover ourselves. If they remain with us maybe all that it means is that we still have more to learn. Granted, going back is not always a healthy or feasible option but that doesn’t mean we can’t take the important things in our lives forward with us – right?


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