Dinos and dragons

Worked on it a bit more in a few scraps of spare time. I’m blocking in the main masses right now. Trying to grasp rocks, you see. I’m trying to compose them like big messy jumbled stairs. Also used a few references to make the human figure look better. I’ll post some closeups next time. Like, when there’s something to see close up. 🙂


One thought on “Dinos and dragons

  1. *squints* Hrm. That must actually be a pretty decent sized fish… Looks to be about the length of the guys torso, you know? So it might weigh a bit, too. And the dax prolly smelled them coming, actually. Especially if the fish is fresh…

    Love the balanced rocks looming in the distance, by the way. And the cautious dax pair watching from the high ridge adds to the tone of the story.


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