Using a figure tutorial

I wanted to brush up on my figure sketching tonight. I did that rough little comic last night, and my figures were pretty bad. So I went sniffing around my favorite stock archive on DA, and lo and behold, she’s updated it. And what’s more, she had a nice tutorial on the basics of figure drawing. So I used it and drew some figures.

Also, I realized that I need to keep up on my Sonic sketching, because my cartooning skills have slowly been deteriorating the longer I don’t use them for awesome. And hey, you can use figure sketching for cartooning, too.


If I just do a few of these every night, my Sonic art will be back up to awesome in no time. Give or take a month or two.


One thought on “Using a figure tutorial

  1. A month or two? I’d be amazed if your skills didn’t return more quickly than that, with the sheer amount of hours that you must have already put in. And actually, even now your skills are already fairly awesome. So if you continue this practicing… You’ll just go beyond awesome, I would guess. which is perhaps hard to imagine. But should be interesting to see.

    Nice expressiveness in the poses, by the way. The first and last poses in particular seem to fit Sonic very well and the wide eyes on the middle pose makes us wonder what he could be reading.


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