Book review: Finding Angel

Angel lives with her foster parents and no memory of her early childhood. But she wishes that magic, and unicorns, and dragons, were all real.

One day a strange boy appears, and she gradually figures out that not only is he from her true birthplace, but he can take her back with him. And so they do, in search of Angel’s missing memories, and to stop the madman who banished her in the first place.

This was an okay book. I found the first half slightly tedious, as Angel and Gregor work around Gregor’s farm, and meet minor characters, and nothing much seems to happen. Angel and Gregor are well defined and interesting, especially as Angel’s memories start to return, and her magic gets developed. The Elves were also interesting characters.

The second half of the book speeds up quite nicely, and held my attention as the intrigue really got rolling. The identity of the bad guy kept me guessing with a few clever bait-and-switch tactics. One thing I appreciated is that although the author is a Christian, she kept her faith in the background. Unless you went looking for it, you wouldn’t even notice it. There were no tedious conversion scenes or even mentions of God or Jesus. It was just pure story all the way through.

My biggest gripe was the Romeo and Juliet thing. I wished that the author could have come up with her own plot, rather than retelling a previously-used story. Fortunately, Angel takes the place of neither character, which made it tolerable. I did wish that the “Juliet” character had been developed a bit more, because when she died, I didn’t care too much, and I felt like I should have.

Aside from those gripes, this was a pretty good book. It entertained me through a day of being sick, and I was glad to have it.

5 thoughts on “Book review: Finding Angel

  1. Well, despite the less than stellar reaction, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read and review Finding Angel. Not all readers put forth the effort even when they feel passionately for a book. And I appreciate your honesty. May I respectfully request that if you do post your review elsewhere (i.e. Amazon) that you leave off the plot spoiler of the “Juliet character’s death”? Hope you’re feeling better.


  2. Yeah, if I post this review anywhere else, I’ll leave that bit off. And someday, when my work gets published, feel free to reciprocate! 🙂

    Seriously though, this is technically only your first book to get published, right? You’ll improve as you go. I’ve seen many, many “first” books that were way worse than yours. Just keep at it!


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