Fox in snow, nearly done

Worked on this for a while tonight and got it mostly done, I think.

Here’s the black and white layer.

Here’s the color layer on the fox. It’s subtle.

Now her eyes look alive!

And then the liberal amount of blue airbrushing for the background.

I think the fox’s coat needs another layer of lighter hairs and some snow sprinkles. And I want some red holly berries. Think I could get away with some kind of red berries, because pine trees totally have those?

2 thoughts on “Fox in snow, nearly done

  1. Looking very nice! The blue really brings out the snow on the branches. And the added color on the fox gives the fur depth, but I agree a little more would work well. Red berries on pine trees, eh? I do think the idea of a bit of red, though, is a great idea.


  2. *nods* The high contrast values of this picture made it so startling… The addition of the blue, especially, has toned that down a bit. The picture is wonderful and compelling as it is – and just so you know, some people peering over my shoulder have wondered where this photo was taken – but if you feel inclined to add a few snowflakes, berries or pinecones… Have fun. It’s your art.

    Uhm. Just out of curiousity… Adding another layer of lighter color fur to the fox might further define her shape but wouldn’t it also require adjusting where the light is coming from? Unless I’m mistaken (and I could be) the reason she’s so dark here is because she’s in the shade of the pine tree, right? Anyway. Yea. Do what you like.


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