A few sketches

I sat down and had my son tell me what to draw. First, he wanted a house.

Then I drew a dragon flying. My daughter kept asking for a dragonfly, so that’s why there’s a dragonfly in the bottom corner.

Then I made my son watch the screen while I sketched him. It came out a bit funky because there’s this nasty thing called perspective that keeps throwing me off, and I was slightly below him.

But he was amused.


One thought on “A few sketches

  1. Nice sketches. Good of you to let the kids direct. Heh. Sometimes art benefits from extermal motivation, doesn’t it? Hrm. Am most drawn to the middle one, with the dragon but admire your ability to capture the setting and atmosphere of a home in the first one. As for the last one – he seems quite focused. Were you tempted to add a thought bubble?

    Thanks for sharing, Net-san! *bows* Oh and here’s something kinda amusing that I stumbled across the other day, hope you enjoy it. http://www.drawastickman.com/


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