All heroes are superheroes

My husband has been playing that MMO of DC Universe, where you make a superhero and fight bad guys alongside Superman, Batman and those other guys.

As I was watching him plug his fantasy universe characters into spandex suits and give them capes and masks, I remarked that there’s very little difference between superheroes and fantasy heroes. My husband replied that sure, they’re all the same thing.

Upon thinking about this a little harder, and comparing, say, Gandalf to Pyro of X-men, there’s little difference except methods and costumes. If Pyro wore a cloak and conjured his fire, he’d be just another fire wizard.

Can you imagine Lord of the Rings recast into a superhero story? Gandalf the pyro, Aragorn the President in Disguise with a Magic Sword, Boromir the Hulk, Legolas of the plant powers (and probably be able to fly), and Gimli would be like The Thing.

The Hobbits would be the only humans with no powers, but the Ring would be the Almighty Tech Gadget with the power to enslave minds. It was made by the Dark Eye, an evil technomancer (is that word kosher in the superhero realm?) in a dark techno tower. The Hobbits would have to sneak the Ring Device into the Dark Eye’s mighty lair and destroy it using the Dark Eye’s own machines.

That actually sounds like a whole lotta fun. šŸ˜€


2 thoughts on “All heroes are superheroes

  1. Maybe I’ve been hanging out around tv tropes too long but this idea is not exactly news to me. All music is music. All heros are heros. What people have in common is greater than that which sets them apart. Actually, the origins of these sorts of ideas are likely much older than tv tropes. They’re probably from Zen and Taoism.

    Anyway. yea. If you gently tweak one story, you end up with another one. Wonderland becomes Oz. Little Red Riding Hood can be twisted into something like James Bond on Mission Impossible. The Muppets take over the Glee Club. Sonic might become Dragonball Z but then again it might become Looney Tunes or AnzuManga Daioh or Star Wars. Digimon and Pokemon merge and then skip off to become Warcraft. X-Men becomes Lord of the Rings and could prollly do a nice remake of Narnia and Harry Potter before settling down to become something like the Munsters meet Scooby Doo. Batman and Spiderman could move in with the Addams family. The possibilites are endless. The stories are like the people who made them. The sum of what they have in common is ultimately greater than what sets them apart.

    This is only one of the many reasons WHY fanfiction is so darn much fun. *grins*


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