Dragon species

Toying with the idea of a dragon world, so I’d need different kinds of dragons to occupy different ecological niches. Not everything on the world would be a dragon, of course–there has to be something else for dragons to eat–but the dragons would be the sentient race.

Also trying to figure out how to diagram their world, seeing as it’s actually two worlds joined like Siamese twins.


5 thoughts on “Dragon species

  1. Nice sketches. Interesting idea. There could be a lot of environmental niches to fill… For some reason, first impression, the top four heads in this sketch seem more suited to warmer climates. The bottom two heads strike me as seeming suited to cooler climates. Just by their shape and features. Hrm. And I do seem to associate them all more with land and air than water… But I’m sure that at least a few species of dragon would be able to live in or under the ocean, as well.


  2. I like this concept–there’s so much “scope for the imagination.” 🙂 The sketches are a nice bonus. I’ve often wished for some drawing ability, as it would come in quite handy when creating worlds.

    Would the dragons be your primary characters? I read a book several years ago that featured various reptilian races and no humans, and though it took a while to keep the different races straight, it made for an interesting story. It’s a very different perspective, for sure.


  3. Sarah: I have two human characters, a dragon character, and a fox character (a kitsune, since they’re so under-represented in fantasy). But the story mostly takes place in the world of dragons, so there’s lots of dragon stuff going on. I felt that the non-human characters were hard to relate to, though, so I made sure there’s some humans.


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