Dragon flies

I was trying to come up with some interesting vehicle or critter for the air pirates to ride in the story I’m working on. I initially wanted bugs, of the beetle variety, but Ryan shouted that down. He doesn’t like bugs.

So I settled for something in between, a sort of dragon-fly thing. They’re actually kind of cute, in a Flygon sort of way.


Only mine have a stinger on their tail, scorpion-like. And they’re all different colors. And they drink nectar, so they won’t be, say, feeding on human flesh or anything. But they are immensely strong, enough to lift heavy loads or kidnap people. Hee.

Calico big cat

There don’t seem to be any big cats that are calicoes, are there? Anyway, this is a character from an unpublished book that I’m critiquing. Because giant sentient telepathic cats are AWESOME. This character copyrighted by Aaron Demott.