Spooky face

What is it about a face lit from below that’s supposed to be so spooky? And yet, it kind of is. Also, it does really interesting things to the planes of the human face.

Afraid I don’t have any interesting writing-related thoughts for tonight. I’m currently rewriting the climax of that story I just finished. The story was a world-tour of this shattered world, and yet the climax took place in one room. Letdown much? The climax should involve the interesting bits of the world we just toured!

I rewrite or heavily refine every climax I write, so this is nothing new. The climax is the payoff to the reader for slogging through my prose, so if I don’t blow up the world, the reader is disappointed, you know?


One thought on “Spooky face

  1. *nods* Rewriting can be a vicious cycle. There is the saying that the journey IS its own destination but in writing… Yea. Finding the balance so that the climax actually validates what the readers and characters have been through can be tricky, sometimes.

    Uhm. Nice ‘spooky’ face. Kinda ethereal. Good contrast with the carved pumpkin.


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