Landscape and color flavors

It’s kind of silly to be practicing a landscape in black and white, but to be thinking about color.

I made a curry chicken dish tonight, and I was thinking about how if yellow was a flavor, it would taste like curry.

It got me thinking. When I think of how all the colors taste, I automatically think of those colored fruit snacks I ingested in mass quantities as a kid. Red is cherry, yellow is lemon, and so on.

So I started trying to reassign flavors to colors.

Red is tomato sauce.

Yellow is curry, as mentioned above.

Green is spinach or lettuce.

Blue is swimming pool water. It makes me chuckle, but I don’t think I’ve ever eaten anything that was truly blue before. Even blueberries are purplish.

Blue-Violet is plums.

Magenta is red onions.

Do colors taste like fruit snacks to you? If not, what do they taste like?


One thought on “Landscape and color flavors

  1. …Wah… Nice landscape. Ansel Addams-ish.

    Uhm. Everyones brains are wired a bit differently, I guess. Never really thought of colors as having flavor, how they would taste… I mean… I’m aware of the concept but never really bought into it. Might be interesting to contemplate, though.

    For me… Color equals emotion. And the shade of the color indicates the degree of the emotion… Yellows can be anxious. Reds can be angry. Yet orange is linked to confidence. Blues are commonly linked to sorrow but also to joy, in the right shades. Pinks are considered soothing and blissful. Purple is complicated, brooding. Greens are weird – because its a color associated with sickness but also with health. Grays are lonely.

    *shrugs* That’s just what comes to mind…


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