Gone writing

I need to make a “Gone writin'” sign, like a “Gone fishin'” sign.

That’s where I’ve been. I don’t figure anybody’s much interested in reading bits of story out of context, no matter how much fun I had writing them, so I just haven’t updated the blog much. Once the story’s done, I’ll switch over to art mode and draw some stuff.

I’m looking to finish the story tonight, so I might actually plug in my tablet. I got a new compy, my first compy in about ten years! I might be able to work at a resolution higher than 200 ppi! Painter might not crash on me when I use the Impasto setting! Gasp!

Also, I have to hunt down the driver for my tablet. Last time I looked, Wacom had a library of all their tablet drivers, so hopefully it won’t be too difficult.

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