Bovine iguanodons

Over on, I was digging around, looking for information on hadrosaurs (duckbills). There isn’t really a lot of information about hadrosaurs in general, for all they’re so well known.

Anyway, in one of the articles on that page, he compares the hadrosaurs, especially the iguanodon, to the skull of a horse. They’re remarkably similar.

So I tried drawing an iguanodon with external ears.

First: no ears.

Second: ears.

It changes the whole way they look, doesn’t it? They turn into this funny-looking kangaroo-cow thing.

Yet nobody EVER draws external ears on ANY kind of dinosaur, even though there’s no way to know if they had them or not. Even the dinos that resemble modern grazers, like horses.

I’m SO tempted to color this and see if people freak out. XD

2 thoughts on “Bovine iguanodons

  1. I will join the fan of ears club. It makes sense that external ears had to come from somewhere in the evolutionary journey. It couldn’t have just been all birds and fish and insects and giant lizards and then one day, some modern mammal type critter with ears – could it? Meh. What do I know. I like the idea, that’s all.


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