Jake’s awesome shot

A few story paragraphs, and the sucky storyboard for it I did to kind of conceptualize it.

One of the men barked a command that was drowned out in the drone of wings, and one of the creatures swooped down, grabbed Jake in its long, spindly legs, and took off as if he weighed nothing.

“Jake!” Revi screamed, grabbing at one of his legs and missing. He looked down at her in shock as he rose in the air.

Revi’s ghostblade vibrated in her hand.

“No!” she yelled, spinning in place. A door had opened in the concrete nearby, and Ghost leaped out of it, wearing a snarl.

Revi raised her blade and strode forward to meet him, eager to take out her frustration on something, but Jake beat her to the punch. Fifty feet in the air, he aimed his Desert Eagle with expert precision and planted a burst of blue fire-magic in Ghost’s leg.

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