Space/world ship

This is a concept sketch of the Gravitrix, an inter-dimensional ship that jumps from world to world via the power of gravity. Traveling on it isn’t much fun because of the nasty G-forces you get during transit.

It’s been described as a mushroom and a ‘UFO on a stick’. It’s flying over one of the shattered continents of Tyrona.

2 thoughts on “Space/world ship

  1. Pretty cool concept! I like your “mushroom” description. XD I’m also glad that it’s powerful, yet it has consequences. That makes it more “real”.


  2. *cue some stereotypical newscast music* *reporter straightens up as the cameras focus* Yes, and now for our top story of the day… Uhm. It appears that someone has actually launched the top of the Seattle Space Needle into orbit…


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