Revi and the rue

Concept art for a story I’m working on.

Revi watched the reflection of the evening sky glimmer on the water, and sighed. The movement of the water was tranquil and repetitive, making no demands on her psyche. For a while she stood, gazing over the water at the distant horizon beyond the trees, drinking in the solitude.

Finally she turned to retrace her steps, and froze.

A huge black thing also froze in mid-step in creeping up behind her, and they stared at each other. It was about twenty feet away. The black thing stood man-high, and reminded her of a gorilla. A vast, black gorilla on all fours with a long, lithe body. She made out the gleam in its eyes and nothing else. No other features in the black. But it had wicked long claws on its forefeet.


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