A boy and his dino, with color

Way back in this post, I drew this sketch, based off a lovely photo submitted to one of Pioneer Woman’s photo contests.

I’ve been attempting to color it lately.

I roughed in the colors, keeping this quote in mind from John Singer Sargent.

“Choose simple subjects, near objects at first. Do not try to make a pretty picture so much as to render truthful effects. Paint over the whole canvas with colors approximating the masses so as to obscure [sic–did he mean establish?] relations of tones while working—when finishing, ‘paint into paint’ when possible and in portraits, paint around the features in detail, using small brushes rarely.

“Always use a full brush and a larger one than necessary. Paint with long sweeps, avoiding spots and dots (‘little dabs’). Never think of other painter’s pictures or how some one else would treat a subject but follow your own choice of colors with exact fidelity to nature.” (Lifted from Gurney Journey)

I’m still trying to get the colors on the dinosaur right. I started off green with a red crest, but it was too … I don’t know … Jurassic Park. So I looked at a lot of artwork of Corythosaurus and kept the general color of horses in mind (earth tones), and I think I like this particular color palette.

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