Vector art

I haven’t done any vector art in aaaages. I saw this fantastic vector artist on DA, and I wanted to attempt something similar.

I might be overreaching myself a bit, trying to keep it to just silhouettes, but I’m enjoying fiddling with it. Vector art is a lot of fiddling with nodes, moving this and curving that, and making sure all your outlines are good. It’s completely different from painting. More left-brain? I don’t know.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted as I work on it. I’m not sure my values work the way I want, and my layers don’t work right yet, either.

3 thoughts on “Vector art

  1. I really don’t remember you doing this kind of art. Was it when you were just doing the black and white things? They look neat though, in a other worldly sort of way.


    1. Yeah, I’ve only ever done black and white before this. I think I might put this back in grayscale, because the color isn’t working.


  2. I think the colors are all right. This could be a poster or image for a travel brochure or museum, don’t you agree? Very art deco. Come and visit the dinosaur jungle. Management not responsible for anything that gets lost, trampled or eaten.


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