Pondering robot-type people

I keep hijacking my husband’s characters and writing them into stories. I’m almost done with story 2, and story 3 is already beginning to take shape.

In story 2, we meet several new characters, who are actually part of a splintered band of heroes. In my husband’s mythos, they were assembled by one leader chick and they all defeated great evils across time and space and multiple worlds. Then she gets murdered (spoiler!) and the group falls apart.

Anyway, story 2 picked up where the group has been split up for a while, and they’re trying to get in touch with each other again. By the end of the story, they’ve located everybody but one person.

That one person is going to make me write story 3 just to deal with him. His name is basically Jin Aestivalis. And he’s a soul inside a high-tech battlesuit. Think Al from Full Metal Alchemist, only with guns and LAZORZ. The man who was killed was named Jin, and the suit was called the Aestivalis (a reference to Nadesico, hopefully getting this published someday won’t cause too many copyright problems, ha ha).

So Jin is basically “dead” only he’s not, he’s just an excuse to have a character who is a seven-foot killer robot guy with a melancholy nature. He was part of the aforementioned group of heroes, but he vanished away back to his war-torn homeworld, and story 3 deals with his friends coming to get him back.

So, while pondering Aesti, I’ve run into the problem of how he would actually feel emotion. Having a human mind, he would still have human emotions. But without things like blood pressure, adrenaline, a heartbeat, a stomach, and all the other things that contribute to the acuteness of human emotion, I don’t think his emotions would be very pronounced.

(He’s like the opposite of Metal Sonic in my fanfics, who went the other direction and became an emotional wreck once he had a body connected to his mind.)

So, how much emotion do you just have in your mind, and how much actually happens in your body, reacting to your mind? Like, if you didn’t have a body, could you ever get really, really mad, or would the maddest you could get would only ever be sort of a mild annoyance?


One thought on “Pondering robot-type people

  1. Have you ever read the manga “Those Who Hunt Elves?” So far I have only been able to get ahold of the first volume of that series but already that story has produced one of my favorite characters of all time: Mike. Mike is a military tank – the transport vehicle for the group. Regular machine until it gets possessed by the soul of a dead cat. Then it becomes a tank that never needs gas, sometimes wanders off to chase mice and says meow. Inspired, yea?

    How much emotion is physical and how much is mental and how much is spiritual… Would a creature that no longer had a body be able to remember the level of emotion that it experienced when it had a body? Does having a body limit perception? Would a soul on it’s own be capable of handling more energy/emotion than a soul in a body?

    It’s an interesting and blurry topic. Everyone seems to have their own opinions. The power of the mind and the soul is amazing and not to be underestimated but certainly do whatever works best for your character.


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