Dinosaur colors

I was reading a site about OOPARTS (out of place artifacts), and I ran across this entry here:

Did Ancient Americans Ride the Parasaurolophus Dinosaur?-Or Did They Just Exaggerate the Size of Their Sheep?

There’s an old book where this guy went around and recorded a lot of petroglyphs. I’d love to get my hands on it just for the artwork in it. Anyway, one of the recorded drawings was this:

Click the article for all the arguments about if being a sheep or something. Anyway, one of the things I thought was interesting is that the artist has shaded in the head and legs. That’s a pretty basic coloration for any animal (look at horses and elk), and hey, any clue to what colors dinosaurs may have had is a good clue! (Like the one where those scientists scanned the feather data from that one fossil bird and found that it was black with white wingbars and had a red crest).

Anyway, I’m taking a stab at coloring some parasaurolophi that way. (Parasaurolophuses?)

One thought on “Dinosaur colors

  1. Nice sketch and interesting debate. In some parrallel universe, perhaps, the native americans did ride those. Which leaves us with the interesting question of how did we end up with ancient art from that parallel universe. Hrm. ;D


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