Trees and dragons

Over at Inspiration All Around Us, this month’s challenge is a dull pic of a dull tree reflected in a dull pond. I decided to take a quick whack at it to see if I could make it a little less dull.

… I couldn’t. Notice I put the main tree smack in the center. Ick. I’m not going to submit this as an entry, but it was relaxing to do all the scribbling.

So relaxing, in fact, that I decided to conceptualize one of my husband’s fun beasties.

This is Ben (think Big Ben) the time elemental. He started life as a pet over at GaiaOnline, but stuck around in our stories as this little lizard guy who jumps around in time as the mood takes him. He mostly eats time debris, but he adores shiny things, so the only word he can say is “Shiny!” He’s always swiping stuff and hiding it in his time-displaced lair, so they’re hard to get back.

If somebody actually hurts him, though, Ben fast-forwards his own timeline and grows into a gigantic, mature time-elemental dragon. With lots of clockwork bits and wings. I modeled him after a skink, because skinks crack me up with their long, fat bodies and teeny tiny legs. They eat bugs, and I wanted Ben to have a non-predator look to him. Small teeth, skinny jaws. He won’t mess you up by biting you, he’ll just screw with your timeline. Maybe just erase you entirely out of pique.

This is a skink:

Five-lined skink


One thought on “Trees and dragons

  1. …time traveling shiny-kleptomaniac lizard… Ha! What a fun character to have! Could be handy once in a while, too.

    The tree scribbling didn’t look so bad to me. So what if the main tree is smack in the center? That doesn’t automatically equal dull, does it? Meh. I’m sure that if you’d wanted to muck with it a little then you might have ended up with less than calm water or twisted shadows or maybe a few imaginative clouds but even if not… I’m glad that it was a relaxing exercise.


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