More beach painting

I decided to pull this out again and make a serious attempt to finish it. This is how it looks now.

Here’s the detail of the girl:

I just can’t get her dress to look right, but I can’t find any reference for material billowing in the way I’m trying to draw it. I’m almost to the point of putting on a similar dress, standing in the wind, and having my husband photograph me, just so I can see what the material is doing.

And then there’s the problem of water. I played with it for a long time. The artists blogs I read all talk about the importance of defining your edges, especially in the final stages. Find your edges! I’ve finally figured out that that means making the light areas next to really dark areas, and try to cut out the “midtone mumbling”. It does make the picture pop, doesn’t it?

Anyway, it’s not quite done yet, I’m still mumbling in the midtones in the background hills quite a lot, and the fire doesn’t look in focus yet. I’ll keep playing with it.

3 thoughts on “More beach painting

  1. I really like what you did with the girl’s face! It’s really pretty and well-defined. Her whole head area, with the hair, arm, and hat–I really like it.

    The chest area does look a little off to me. Maybe I’m just expecting a different body shape or something? I don’t know.

    Either way, great job. I always enjoy tuning in to your art blog. 🙂


  2. Good point, I didn’t develop that area of her much at all. I’ll give it some attention when I work on this some more.


  3. The ladys expression has changed ever so slightly. She now seems a touch more disappointed than whistful. Was she expecting someone else to be here? Are they waiting? Hrm. And her expression seems to influence how I interpret the dragon as wel.. He seems a little more weary than smug, now. Interesting. There must be a story building up around this. The source of the fire might be part of that story – what are they burning? Did the dragon set fire to her purse? Or their boat? The sand would have just turned to glass under fire breath, right? But there is no visible driftwood or trees or…. Meh. Please forgive my speculative rambling.

    The art is magnificient, thank you for sharing. I applaud your patience and hope that you enjoy the process as much as we enjoy watching it.


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