Bird sketch

Cheaty horses with colors

And now you can see that I’m drawing Pokemon horses. The fiery one is Rapidash and the lightning one is Zebstrika, who will have lightning-shaped zebra stripes on him. I was messing with the background and their special effects, so I know where my light sources are before I start shading.

And I know zebras look more like donkeys, but I wanted it to look like a horse, dang it.

Cheating at horses

I feel like a sad, dishonest person, doing this.

But darn it, I suck at freehanding horses, and I have such short amounts of time in which to do art … LET’S TRACE THEM!

My references, sized and placed according to my first concept sketch:

Let me tell you, doing the sketch first, then looking for reference afterward … let’s just say you go through a LOT of stock photos.

And the trace:

Horses are extremely hard to trace, as well as freehand. I kept being amazed that what I thought I saw, and what actually existed in the photo, were two completely different things.

Now I can do the coloring. Watch me manage to botch their anatomy, even with a trace underneath. :-p