A boy and his dino

Sharing Secrets

This was a horse pic submitted to Pioneer Woman’s horse photo contest. I kept going back to it and thinking, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if it was a dinosaur?”

Totally and completely without permission, of course.

Anyway, that’s a duckbill called a corythosaurus, and I’ve always thought they would resemble a horse if alive. Something about the cheeks and the size of the eyes. I always want to draw them with horse eyes, with the horizontal pupils and the long eyelashes.

Anyway, I just loved the sweetness of that photo, and was trying to duplicate it with a dinosaur. Not that dinosaurs are ever portrayed as looking sweet at all.

3 thoughts on “A boy and his dino

  1. Without permission? But you don’t actually need permission to trace something like that, when you’re turning a horse into a dinosaur. Unless you’re concerned about drawing a person.


  2. Think the kid would give you permission in a heartbeat. “Mom, this nice lady wants to gimme a dinosaur! That’s okay, right? I can keep him, right? Mom?” =P

    Silliness aside, the art here is brilliant and sweet. The new ‘horse’ already seems gently content. Love your ability to come up with these things and convey so much expression. Thanks for sharing.


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