Got some work done on their faces today.

I’m understating her face because she’ll be pretty small in comparison to the rest of the painting, and you have to go for simplicity when it’s that small. I haven’t got the values quite locked in yet, so she’s still too light.

And the dragon:

I’m going with a couple different methods of drawing scales here. The highlight bits just cried out for iridescence on his face, so I chucked some on to see how it looked. I’m still waffling about it, so we’ll see if it stays in the finished version. Scales do have some limited iridescence, but not as much as a feather, and certainly not as much as I’ve put in here.

I still like this pic every time I pull it out, so I think it’ll be a good one when I’m done.

One thought on “Faces

  1. The lady seems rather wistful and distracted. Her simple expression does match up to the lingering hints of dreamy vagueness in the setting. Meanwhile the dragon seems to be quietly smirking a bit, certainly amused.

    Ah. So much lovely texture…

    You know, in the first place dragons are widely considered fantasy creatures so you can get away with whatever makes you happy, when portraying them. In the second place, these are your characters – correct? So do as you please. In my humble opinion though, the moderate amounts of iridescence look fabulous. Very nice contrast to the depth of the shading. Adds a slight sense of history to the dragon as well, I feel. Suggests that here is a creature with a few scales that might be worn from use or polished from natural age.


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