Dusk beach, problems

Got a bit more done today, still roughing out the main color masses.

The lighting on the dragon is really harsh because I’m still figuring out the shapes of the light and shadow. Not sure I like the color of the light very much, either … it looks good on the girl, but not a blue dragon. I’ll continue to tinker with it.

Also, now that I’ve established that the light is coming from the far left, the color of my ocean is wrong. I’ve been staring at pictures of the ocean at sunset, and it’s always darker than the sky, but it tends to pick up the strongest lights. This, too, requires some tinkering.

One thought on “Dusk beach, problems

  1. Tinker away. Thanks for lettings us learn and admire.

    Hrm. Would it ease your difficulties with the lighting source to just rename the image? Sunrise beach instead of dusk beach, maybe?

    So the lady is dressed to match the sky and water…. Lovely blend of colors and an interesting connection to make. The dragon continues to mimick a lovely sand sculpture at this point. Would startle any passersby, I suspect. Could make for a memorable candid camera moment.


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