Dusk beach, blocking in color masses

I found a beach sunset on google image search that I liked, and set about painting the background from it. Here’s the sky and the ground. You can see how I just worked on the biggest chunks first.

Then I added in the mountains and the ocean, once I knew what color the ocean was going to reflect. Also a scattering of clouds on a new layer. I’ve gotten to where I like painting my landscape backgrounds all on one layer, like a real painting.

The reason I always do the background first is because the background colors and light heavily influence the color of the characters. The characters are the juicy part for me, but the background is soothing to work on, too.

Here’s my background color reference: Laguna Beach! No, there won’t be a big hotel thing in the background.

2 thoughts on “Dusk beach, blocking in color masses

  1. Love the colors in this. Have to get better at backgrounds… You’re right. So much emphasis tends to go straight to the characters but the surroundings and the lighting do usually influence them. Look forward to seeing how this turns out.

    @farmgirl: Aww. But what if we could have the dragon AT the hotel? He could be there to teach a seminar or something. ;F Should at least keep a few of the palm trees around.


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