How do you draw other dimensions?

I recently re-read Conrad’s Fate, by Diana Wynne Jones. I wanted to take a stab at drawing the scene where Conrad summons a Walker. And this other dimension opens up, and this … being comes walking toward them across Eternity, to bring him exactly the thing that he needs.

But how in the world do you DRAW that? Pff. It just looks like some tiny person in a cloud. I don’t know if I could even convey the idea of vast distance with shading.

Ah well. A sketch it shall remain. The book describes it so much better than this anyway. :-p

Note: Christopher (Chrestomanci) is the one by the door. This is the first time I’ve ever got him looking halfway like I imagine him: very posh and well-groomed.


One thought on “How do you draw other dimensions?

  1. *nods* Perhaps some things, it is much easier to capture with words than to actually visualize… But I think the shiny-cloud, super-dramatic shading approach has become well accepted and recognized for portals.


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