Cheaty horses finished

I finished it! Woohoo! I’ve been working on it in tiny intervals for days and days.


2 thoughts on “Cheaty horses finished

  1. *returns, after having fallen off the planet for a while…*

    Wow. So THAT’s how the cheaty horses sketch turned out.

    *spends half an hour staring at beautiful art*

    …so…much…shading… I mean, to get a mostly dark horse to show up against a mostly dark appearing background… It makes my eyes sting, just to think of all the dedicated squinting that could have gone into this. But perhaps it is true what they say, that great art requires some willingness to suffer… Because this is just fabulous. So much depth and detail… These elemental horses look ready to leap from the screenn and go charing off into the stratosphere or something, leaving a trail of mildly awed crowds and severe weather damage in their wake.

    …I can do the simple sketches… But this…. Both inspires me and shames me, you know? Seeing art makes me want to create art. I want to improve my skills but I’m so scared of messing up the sketch sometimes…. I’ll have to work on that.

    *resolves to become a better artist, AGAIN*

    Thank you for sharing, Netraptor! Happy October – hope that you are staying well and that life is giving you more treats than tricks.

    *goes to visit and get caught up on the rest of the blog*

    P.S – agreed, pokemon definately need more horsey-type monsters.


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