Cheating at horses

I feel like a sad, dishonest person, doing this.

But darn it, I suck at freehanding horses, and I have such short amounts of time in which to do art … LET’S TRACE THEM!

My references, sized and placed according to my first concept sketch:

Let me tell you, doing the sketch first, then looking for reference afterward … let’s just say you go through a LOT of stock photos.

And the trace:

Horses are extremely hard to trace, as well as freehand. I kept being amazed that what I thought I saw, and what actually existed in the photo, were two completely different things.

Now I can do the coloring. Watch me manage to botch their anatomy, even with a trace underneath. :-p


2 thoughts on “Cheating at horses

  1. I always wanted to draw horses too, I spent hours and hours drawing them, then I found I could trace them and they looked so much better and then I could always draw in the background and other stuff, so you just use a computer. šŸ™‚


  2. The only ‘how to draw’ book I ever kept was for horses. And I still trace, too. =P These creatures are lovely but they defy being well drawn, for some reason.

    Your pair looks like they almost ought to be pulling a chariot, the way you have them posed… Or like they’re running away from something that startled them… Whatever else you do – have fun coloring!


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