Spacetime 2 excerpt

I haven’t been drawing all that much lately, sad to say. But I have been writing almost every night, working on another Spacetime story. I’m having a lot more fun with it than I did with the previous one.

For one thing, I’m basically writing a crossover between my husband’s universe and one of my own. Nobody knows it’s a crossover but me and him, though, so I guess it doesn’t make much of a crossover. Here’s a scene when Carda, my husband’s character, meets my one blue dragon character.


As he was finishing his bread, the door clicked and swung open. Seamus and Carda spun to face it, and saw Koba step inside, ducking to avoid the doorframe.

Carda flung a spatial stasis at him, but Koba’s stunning spell hit first. Carda slumped back against the wall and could only watch as the giant strode up to him. One massive fist closed on the front of Carda’s shirt and hauled him upright. For a moment Carda looked Koba in the face and wondered how a human being could look so ugly. Then Koba slung him over his shoulder and carried him out, slamming the door behind him.

Hanging head downward, Carda had time to see Seamus flick his ring of killer hair onto the back of Koba’s tunic just before the door closed.

Koba strode through the stone halls, and Carda could only hang there with the giant’s shoulder digging into his stomach, the stun spell keeping him from lifting a finger, wondering when that kill-spell would go off. Would it kill Koba, and Carda, too?

He could not tell where they were going, but he felt them turn several corners and climb three flights of stairs. Finally they stepped through another steel door, which Koba closed and locked behind them. Then he dropped Carda to the floor.

It was cold stone, and hurt a lot as Carda hit it. The stun lifted, and Carda was able to groan and sit up, rubbing the back of his head. Koba stood still, glaring down at him. “What do you want?” said Carda. He glanced around. They were in a large cave, dim and completely empty. No blood mages. “Are you a vampire and you’re going to drink my blood?”

Koba snarled something in another language and stomped away across the room. Carda climbed to his feet and watched him. Some kind of mage duel, maybe? But Koba’s magic was not like Carda’s. Koba’s was powerful and brutal, like the man himself. And Carda was locked in a cave with him. Either Koba meant to kill him or this was some kind of weird test.

Carda realized that his spatial shielding had vanished when he had lost consciousness, and quickly wove it around himself again. It felt like wearing some of Xironi’s strange spatial cloth. If he got out of here alive, he would have to tell her about it.

Koba turned back to face Carda, teeth bared. “Do you understand me, human?” he growled in heavily-accented English.

“I do now,” said Carda. “I take it you’re not human.”

“You’re not as stupid as you look,” said Koba. “You are the weakest Strider of Chronos I have ever seen. You should have blown this place apart the moment you awakened. I was counting on it.”

Carda bristled. First that Unrossi, and now Koba? “Look, I’m not weak! I just can’t break through the shielding spells they have on that prison room.”

“You weren’t there when you ran off,” snarled Koba. “You’re not there now.”

There were no shielding spells on this room, Carda realized. He felt the space of the room and realized it was folded and folded again, but the fold ran through the entire facility. He probed a little harder and found that the facility was actually in a piece of space cut off from real space.

“Whoever made this place was really clever,” said Carda, feeling the folds.

“At last, the child sees,” said Koba. “I wanted you to destroy this splinter. I expected you to. I counted on it. And all you’ve done is whine and cause trouble. Typical human ways.”

“Shut up!” exclaimed Carda. “I’ve been trying to keep the mages from hurting the other prisoners, too!”

“And a lot of good you’ve done Dusk,” snarled Koba. “She lies there, near death, and you haven’t even tended her. In fact I–”

Seamus’s spell went off. Koba instantly was engulfed in flames, blue and green and purple, that burned so hot that Carda had to shield his face. Koba screamed and bellowed, beating at the flames. Carda peeked, then hid his eyes. Koba was actually melting in the magical fire.

Or was he? Carda peeked again and realized that as the fire began to die down, Koba was actually growing larger, his features sliding and slipping like hot wax dripping down a candle. As Carda watched in horror, the humanity peeled back from Koba, and a great blue dragon reared up from the ruins. It had the same short, bulldog jaw that Koba had had, as well as two vast teeth like tusks.

The dragon stepped sideways out of the burning mess on the floor, and glared at Carda. “Did you do that?” Its voice was the same as Koba’s, only much louder and deeper.

“Uh, no, actually,” said Carda. “I wouldn’t know how.”

“Smells like dwarf’s work,” growled the dragon. “Burned the concealment right off me. I should kill you right here, James Carda. Creating another concealment spell will take hours.”

“I didn’t know you were a dragon,” said Carda, backing toward the door. Somehow he should have known, from the sheer power and ferocity of Koba’s spells.

“No one does, except you,” snarled the ex-Koba. “You’re going to stay here and help me recreate my concealment spell. And after that, you’re going to free Dusk. Or I’ll kill you.”

“The Unrossi wants me to free it, too,” said Carda ruefully. “Or it’ll kill me.”

“Seems we all need your thrice-damned help,” growled the dragon. “Now, let me show you some real magic.”


2 thoughts on “Spacetime 2 excerpt

  1. This Carda is the indiana-jones-like character from the sketches, isn’t it? Cripes. No wonder he needs such a dangerous array of sidekicks.

    Thanks for sharing the excerpt! I admire your ability to quickly draw the reader in, create interest and build suspense. There’s been some careful thought here and it shows. The writing has a good pace and the characters have the promise of great depth, especially when played off each other for contrast. Which I’m sure that you already appreciate – but I hope that you continue to have fun with building this story and showing the readers what you, as the author, already know.


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