Bird sketch and art musings

I need to draw from life more. I was thinking of this, and discontentedly looking around for something to draw, when I noticed my cockatiel dozing in the cage near my compy. He held pretty still, so he made a good model.

I’ve been thinking that I’d like to make more “wall art”, but I wasn’t exactly sure what constitutes “wall art”. I was thinking vaguely of landscapes. I did a poll over on DA, and the results surprised me. So far “Other” is in the lead, followed by Landscapes, Seascapes, Still Life, and Religious. “Other”, according to the comments I’m getting, is anything from posters from Nintendo Power to anime characters to the person’s own artwork or photography.

I am aware that the folks I tend to attract over on DA are mid-range teens through the low twenties, and that does affect what they hang on their walls. But still, it’s quite illuminating.

Then Stape, over on his art blog, did a rant about how you should make good art first and worry about marketing it afterward.

While pondering this, I thought about copying a Thomas Kinkade painting for practice. Did you know he’s been doing paintings for Disney now?

The blog I found it on had a rant about how “kitchy” Kinkade is and how aggressively he’s marketed his art.

And the more I looked at his art, the more I wanted to throw up. Maybe I’ll just copy some of the old masters instead, or maybe some of the Hudson River School painters. I could do worse than learning about landscapes from those guys.

5 thoughts on “Bird sketch and art musings

  1. Don’t do Kinkade Yuck!!! I like your sketch of Rocky. I think you should just sketch what you see rather than copy other people’s mistakes. You are really good at sketching from what you see in your head. I think even just doing the rosebush outside your door or anything of the million’s of things that you see around you. Do real life.
    You even got Rocky’s sour disposition. I love that. Sorry I am giving you helpful hints when I can barely draw a box.


  2. Hrm. Forgive me but I’m reluctant to knock anyone for pursuing their art, especially when their skills far outweigh mine. But I’ll agree that Kinkade caters to sentiment rather than using his knack for dramatic lighting to make political statements or reflect other scenes that might be deemed ‘unmarketable’. Didn’t know he was working for Disney but it doesn’t actually surprise me to learn that, either.

    Guess I’m just all in favor of artists – even relentlessly sentimental ones – being able to make a living from their art. Is it the fault of the artist for marketing aggressively? Or the fault of public for buying it? Maybe the fact that so many people are buying it should tell us something about the world… Maybe there’s a lot of people who are sentimentally deprived and who crave artwork that reflects a world that they have never known… *shrugs*

    To each their own style, though. Certainly pursue whatever course makes you happy.

    Love the ‘too sketch. Reminds me of a friends late pet. I loved watching that bird. He was so danged clever, could imitate the phone and microwave. We could almost write a sitcom on some of the episodes THAT caused. Ha! Even your little sketch… It does manage to convey the idea that here is a bird that may do a bit of harmless plotting against its owners for its own entertainment.

    And thank you for your patience, NetRaptor! Here are your giftarts. These aren’t much – because I’m not brave enough to do digital coloring yet – but I hope you like them.


    1. Thanks so much for the art! Why do you say you can’t draw? You have a nifty style! Half of DA would be at your knees if you posted this sort of thing there. šŸ™‚

      I agree with you on Kinkade being just over the top sentimental, but I’m plotting a blog post tonight where I’m going to try to dissect his style, so I won’t say much more here. šŸ™‚


  3. Am glad that you like the giftart! (Am extra glad that it showed up for you… Was wondering if it would. =P)

    Meh. I say that I can’t draw because I want to draw better. Such is the nature of art and the artist, is it not? We can be our own best critics, yes? Where is the joy in pursuing the art if we stop learning and having things to improve on? But there is a sincereness to the statement as well, that needs to be aknowledged. My art next to yours… There is no comparison. And you have far more practice, it shows. Even in the quality of your rough sketches, it shows. What I have scribbled – you did not see the roughs. I did not keep them, either. They were not impressive. I am not at ease with this medium. I am out of practice. Writing has coveted my soul. But I do enjoy the creative flow of drawing as well… So thank you for inspiring me to revisit it.

    And now I’m off to read your Kinkade analysis.


  4. P.S -Read your note about missing dinos over on your DA art account. Did a quick search. Something called Eucladoceros came up and it’s described as a prehistoric deer but there wasn’t a picture. There was also a listing for Orohippus, a prehistoric horse. So… More mammal than dino but… Hope it helps?


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