Eyelazorbeams commission

I’ve had this commission sitting here for, gosh, something like eight months: a commission to draw the staff of the Eyelazorbeams blog.

Anyway, due to a few kind nudges from my husband, I sat down and actually did it. I was imagining something like this:

So I patterned my sketch of the staff avatars on it.

(Click to enlarge)

The title at the bottom is just there for a little extra cheese. I don’t know if it’ll stay there, or be in that particular font (it’s called Badaboom and it’s from blambot.com.)

They’re talking about doing a video series about various gaming things. I envision this pic as the header, and then suddenly flashing this:

With, like, eye lazer beams. XD XD

Anyway, just waiting on approval and detail information from my commissioner(s).

7 thoughts on “Eyelazorbeams commission

    1. Flash: I’m hoping to get some coloring done tonight … think you could send me some color ref for everybody? I’m assuming your avvy is the same color as the official one.


  1. Three robots… Indiania Jones…? And a winged raptor… Hrm. Interesting staff. Awesome logo.

    Thanks for replying to my questions – I will make time to read that story, as soon as I’m off my own writing kick. Thanks also for updating the fanfic section of the site. Sorry for not being more direct, I’m not always great at dropping hints. Plus to be perfectly honest… I may have come to this site for the fanfics but I’m staying for the art. I really do admire the work you’ve done. I’m impressed. Please sincerely feel free to ignore the fanfics. I’d rather see your art. Nothing has inspired me to attempt scribbling in a very long time – then I came here.

    Do you accept gift art? What would you like? I’m not much of an artist – what you do for rough drafts, I’d call finished – but I’ll do my best. I already have one idea but I thought I should get your input, as well.

    Also… I would LOVE to purchase a commission from you but it seems like you already have a stack of those…. So please may I know, are you currently accepting any new commisions? Or would it be better to wait for a while?


  2. Dora: Any giftart of anything you want to do is fine with me. I’m not picky. 🙂

    As for commissions, I’m not currently accepting any more at the moment. I had a pile of them that I’m trying to get finished, as my newest child is due in mid-April and I won’t have time for a while after that. If you watch my journal on DA, it has my commission statistics and whether I’m open or closed for them.


  3. Thanks for letting me know. I certainly do not mind waiting. Good art shouldn’t be rushed and time seems to go so fast anymore…. And family comes first. Hope that everything goes great for you and yours next month. April is great month to have a birthday, in my humble opinion. I may be slightly biased though. =P

    As for the giftart: Really? Okay. Cool. Uhm. I’ll try to get it done soon. My art skills are nowhere near yours so I may have a pile of rejected sketches before I achieve something acceptable to present to you, though. Despite all that, it should be fun.


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