Surrounded sketch

Just some sketching from the imagination tonight. Laugh at my awful human anatomy.

Concept art for a story I’m working on. Good guys are surrounded by bad guys (the wizard dudes in robes with staves) and the big monster slowly rises up in the background.

I had to draw this and get the cliche out of my system, so I won’t go and write it later. Also, there should be four or five other characters in the good guy group, but I only felt like drawing those three.

5 thoughts on “Surrounded sketch

  1. …this scene looks like something right out of the introduction of a video game… Only better drawn, rough sketch thought it is. Dang, why are the circling wizard dudes always evil? Is it just me or do some of the wizards have spears – their staffs have been sharpened to a point? Nice touch but eek for your good guys. And why do monster robots always seem to have teeth-like things that seem to be lit up? Who the heck installs lights into a giant robots mouth? The eyes glowing, I can undestand but the whole mouth? Can you imagine the poor sucker who has that on his resume? Ha.

    Sorry. I just wonder about stuff like that sometimes. Have fun with your story, whatever you write. Looks to be an interesting story.

    No worries on the human anatomy, you only appear to have one head-to-toe human character in the picture and he’s better drawn than most could manage. The expression seems a bit confident under the circumstances but then again he is a hero, yea? He’s probably got a magic proof hat or something. It’s hard to tell just by looking.

    Please keep taking care.


  2. I don’t know why the wizard dudes are always evil. I think it has something to do with those robes and hoods. It could be ANYTHING under there, animal, vegetable, or mineral. That horror of the unknown, you know?

    Although it might be pretty funny to have them all in business suits. Pinstripe ones. But that leans over into the Mafia, and there’s just another cliche. XD


  3. Fear of the unknown? Hrm. Yea, I see your point but… Your hero appears to be hanging out with some kind of a werewolf and an elfin/lizard lady… with frineds like that who needs evil wizard dudes that’s why most villians fail to intimidate, I think. They just can’t phase a hero who hangs out with weird and dangerous sidekicks. =P

    I’ve always been half tempted to have the evil dudes in clownsuits because so darn many people are afriad of clowns but even that is cliche anymore. Maybe the best thing would be along more simple lines – have your hero be allergic to cats and then all of the evil dudes turn out to be wereleopards or something. Ha. Customized villians, the new old tool of storytellers everywhere.

    Do whatever makes you happy and please let us know when/if the story comes online because I’d sincerely like to read it.

    Speaking of stories… Uhm. Please excuse me for mentioning this. I notice the fanfiction section hasn’t been updated since January… But there is no rush, either. It’s not like we have publishing deadlines after all. Honestly, when I see the excellent quality of the art here I would rather take my story down than risk interrupting you.

    Please keep taking care!


  4. Please excuse my occasional typos. I am in the bad habit of using a keyboard without always looking at it and some of the letters have faded off anyway. I’ll try to do better.


  5. I’m actually working on the second story in the series right now. The first story is finished and called the Spacetime Legacy, available here. This second story is moving much more quickly than the first one and I’m enjoying it a lot more.

    Also, if you need me to validate something over in the fic section, say so! I finally got your hint and updated it this morning. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Agreed on the problem with villains thing. Although my hooded monk guys are just the minions. The real villain is someone who is very simplistically horrifying, and he’s actually more of a monster than the big robot thing. But then, villains usually are. ๐Ÿ™‚


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