Worgen Sonic, basic shading

Back to work on Worgen Sonic in Warcraft armor. I actually would have gotten a lot farther on the background, but every time I clicked in the top right corner of the canvas, Painter would crash. So finally I just threw on a solid black layer and erased through it to show the gradient underneath. It’ll be fun to put on the highlights and details, but I thought I was lucky getting this far tonight, with Painter being ornery.

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Worgen Warcraft Sonic sketch

One thought on “Worgen Sonic, basic shading

  1. I love the play of light and shade in this one. But armor always reminds me of a section in history class when we learned about what a pain it was to actually put on. No matter how beautiful the armor is… No matter how tough or well-drawn the warrior… Realizing that they might require a small team of experts just to get dressed… It steals some of their thunder, you know?


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