Finishing up the cheetah-griffin

I was tying up various loose ends, and it dawned on me that I never actually finished this one commission I had for a cheetah-griffin. I contacted my commissioner, and thankfully she was very gracious about it. So I’m doing my best to finish up.

Anyway, here’s how far I had gotten on it:

It had a few problems, and my commissioner asked if I could raise the head a bit. So I did.

I deepened the shadows quite a bit to add a little more punch, and added more blue in the shadows to cool them off. Moved the head and remodeled the face. Did some work on the legs to show more of those muscles and tendons, but they still need quite a bit of modeling before I’ll be happy with them. Also, fiddled with the dang tail feathers until I got them looking decent. I referred heavily to a nice griffin illustration by Hibbary, because she had the tails exactly how I wanted to draw them.

Hibbary’s griffins
Cheetah griffin sketch
Cheetah griffin rough colors

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