Another werewolf pic, hee

I wanted to do some kinds of Valentine’s day pic, and of course my affinity for weird romance reared its head.

I’m currently thrashing out a second story in my husband’s story universe, Spacetime Legacy (we finished the first one! Hooray!) Basically it’s taking all of his characters and doing whatever I want with them, which involves kidnapping the main character and developing all the other ones with him out of the picture.

One of the developments that happens is the main character’s sister falling completely for the cursed/scrambled werewolf character.

The trouble is, he fell for her a long time ago, but he feels that he can’t say anything because, well, he’s a monster. So it’s one of those hopeless relationships that are such fun to read. I’m aware that Rowling did something of the same kind with Lupin, (in Harry Potter) but after book 5, we almost never see Lupin again, and when we do, she’d forgotten what his personality was, so it’s not like him at all.

Anyway. I want to take this sort of thing and write it and see how it turns out. I have an idea that I can give it a good ending, but we shall see how many stories it actually takes.

Art-wise, I used many references for the girl, and I’m not quite satisfied with the werewolf yet. It’s funny to see one with a sad expression, isn’t it?


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