Galena, skintones construction

Working the skintones on this pic tonight.

I know she looks funny with no eyebrows or lips, but she’ll improve, I promise.

I feel a little bad about this pic, actually. For the initial sketch, I traced over the photo to get all my lines exactly right. The coloring work has all been freehand, though. That’s why this face is free from the mistakes I usually make, like making the eyes too small or too close together.

Actually, tracing a face has showed me a lot of mistakes I commonly make and how to fix them. So at this stage in my art, I feel it’s teaching me rather than being too much of a shortcut. /selfjustification

Anyway, this is supposed to be Galena, a character commissioned by Kelty. Original reference here. I’m working off my black-red-orange palette, detailed here.

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