My mom always takes the most lovely pictures of sunflowers. I’ve wanted to paint this one for a while, so I tried it in digital watercolor in Painter.

I have not yet mastered those darn digital watercolors.

What always throws me is the way the color drips down the canvas before it ‘dries’. So painting with them is kind of unpredictable, but not the same way that real watercolors are unpredictable. Real watercolors stay pretty much within the area you wet on your paper, and you can paint fine details with a ‘bead’ of water on your brush. Not so with digital.

I think I’ll redo these in some other brush type, like the oil pastels. One that I’m good at.

I’ve been in a slump lately, both from lack of iron and lack of sunlight. We’re having our Tule (too-lee) fog in California right now, and when you’re used to the sunlight, going for weeks and weeks without it gets to you after a while. But today the fog blew out of the valley and I’m feeling sunny.

One thought on “Sunflowers

  1. You know I have lots and lots of pictures of sunflowers. Next time you come over why don’t you go through my hard drive and send them to your self so you can pick and choose. I think so far it looks good and I am glad you are feeling sunny again.


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