Attack of the in-jokes

So I was playing World of Warcraft today, and ran across some oddly-named enemies.

First off, the joke, originally from a comic strip of Penny Arcade..

And then one of the screenshots I managed to get. Click to enlarge, and mostly just read the speech text in the bottom left corner.

Witchalok: Tremble in fear as I call forth the mighty Doomskull! Behold the sheer size of it! Are you not afraid, mortal? Have you ever witnessed doom of this magnitude?

One of the Witchaloks I ran into actually did summon Wolfoids (they ran around pointlessly and did nothing), but I didn’t think to get a screenshot until it was too late. I imagine there’s a comic or a podcast somewhere that talks about the doom skull.

And yes, the Witchalok does throw Witchalok blades at you. They’re orange glowing blades, exactly like in the comic strip.

This non-art post brought to you by far too much electronic entertainment.

PS: And while I’m on the subject of humorous references to pop culture in Warcraft …

What does this remind you of?

Dog holding key … guy in cage …


2 thoughts on “Attack of the in-jokes

  1. The Blizzard designers really went crazy with the references, and now they’re not even being subtle about it. I’m okay with this, as it makes an already loads-better leveling experience even more entertaining. I’m sure there are still lots of people (myself included) who don’t get the jokes because they weren’t on the internet at the right time one day.

    I love a good warcraft update.


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