Value landscape sketch

I just recently noticed the Hudson River School’s landscapes. I’ve seen lots and lots of artists copy this style, but the fact remains: the landscapes produced by these artists are staggering.

I’ve been reading that making a values sketch of a landscape is a good way to study it, so I picked one of the Hudson paintings that I liked, and studied it.

My sketch:

The original:

You can click it to enlarge. Isn’t the detail absolutely staggering? Alas, I’m not sure which artist painted this work. Google is sometimes lax on those kinds of details. I’m also not sure if it’s really supposed to be this dark. I have a feeling somebody tweaked it up to look good on a really bright monitor, and my monitor isn’t very bright.

Anyway, if I could paint light like this, I’d call myself an artist. There’s something almost fantasy-ish about this setting, particularly the way the light picks out the waterfall on the left side.

4 thoughts on “Value landscape sketch

  1. I think it is a picture of the Hudson river valley when the first explorers went there. The name slips my mind, imagine being the first one to see that. I think it would be amazing to see you draw like that. I think people disparage landscape pictures to much I always want to tell the critics they only drew what they saw and they have left a record. it was before photography.
    Keep at it.


  2. If you just google “hudson river school”, they have some totally fantastic art on there. It all seems almost too fantastic to be true. I imagine if you’re a fantasy artist for, like, the various card games or book covers, you’d better study this kind of art.


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