Playful girl – sketch

This is a tentative sketch of Thia, a character commission from Kelty that I’ve neglected for one reason or another.

From what I gather, she’s one of those playful “naughty girl” types, although I could be mis-remembering it (and I still haven’t read the story–sorry, Kelty!). I was just trying to find a playful pose. This was a fun one, even though there’s problems with it (like she looks like she’s about to tip over on her face). Still, it’s good practice.

Reference taken from the wonderful SenshiStock archive.

2 thoughts on “Playful girl – sketch

  1. Woot, I like! I liked your last sketch as well, you have captured her quite nicely. 😀 She’s not really a ‘naughty girl’ type, more that she’s super confident in herself, and as far as she’s concerned, she can do no wrong, and will slough it off if she ever does. 😀


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