Pine needle baskets

These are a pair of pine needle baskets I made for people for Christmas. I made them both over about two weeks, and boy, are my fingers sore. Pine needles have sharp little ends that like to poke holes in your fingertips.

Anyway, they’re just coiled bundles of pine needles, stitched with raffia from a craft store. I have different colors, but I think I like the greens and browns the best against the pine needles. I’d like to get some black, because I’ve seen some really nifty baskets stitched in black.

We have some lovely pine trees around here with needles a foot long. I don’t know what kind they are. I can tell which trees are healthy, because their needles are so long and thick. One of the trees grows in a spot that gets too much water, and its needles are shorter, thinner, and often moldy.

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