Ice dragons

I keep trying to come up with concepts for ice dragons.

Different sketches of wolfish or reptilian looking beasts.

The trouble is, I can’t get away from this particularly excellent McFarlane model from the dragon series. This is the Dragon series 6, Ice clan.

Alas, this is apparently a rare, popular design, but here’s the entry on Amazon:

McFarlane Ice Dragon Clan

This is the most excellent ice dragon design, all the way down to the woolly feet. I’m afraid when I think “ice dragon” this design instantly pops to mind. I can’t seem to design anything better. I mean, look at his parasaurolophus head and his vestigial wings!

This is a parasaurolophus head:

2 thoughts on “Ice dragons

  1. im so in love with dragons, especially ice dragons! i admire the color and creativity. its really mystical, which i really like! this is awesome! 🙂


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