Charr and Dusk human studies

I’ve been tinkering with my story of Charr and Dusk a bit more. You remember them; the little girl and the grouchy, ugly dragon.

Anyway, Dusk can already change between a human and a fox because she’s a kitsune and that’s what they do. But Charr, the dragon, hates humans and can’t shapeshift at all. So when he has to be disguised as a human for a brief sojourn on Earth, he makes a really ugly one.

He looks like some frightening ex-con (which he technically is) who is part ogre. And the human characters think that’s what he is, just by default.

Drawing a really ugly person is great fun. You just exaggerate the features and exaggerate the features. The teeth just push him over the top into Uglytown, though.

Well, hey, if Liv Tyler can have Steven Tyler as a dad, then the concept of an unattractive man with an over-the-top-cute little girl is not only realistic, it’s somewhat hilarious. As long as he’s not like a chester molester or anything.

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